Where’s the Best Pizza in Brick?

We all know NJ is known for lots of things. Horrible drivers, attitude, and amazing pizza! Being the pizza fanatic I am I decided to go around my town and try different pizza. I discovered good pizza but nothing that really blew my mind. That’s until I came across Papa V’s!

The owner Anthony is a genuine, old school owner. Talking to Anthony for the first time is like talking to your long lost friend and you feel like you lost no time. Anthony not only owns the place he makes all the pizzas himself fresh from scratch!

Last night I ordered a vodka pie, and a plain pie. Both sauces were absolutely fantastic. I especially enjoyed the vodka pie which had fresh basil on top. The crust was soft and had a perfect foundation on the bottom. If you ever find yourself in Brick I highly recommend giving Papa V’s on Herbertsville Rd a shot! From wonderful service, and fantastic food you will be happy!


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