What’s Happening to Our Whales and Marine Life

We’ve all seen the heartbreaking pictures of the whales and dolphins washing up on the beaches dead or clinging to life.  Why is this happening in record numbers?  

Rep Chris Smith introduced legislation last week HR-1056 requiring an immediate investigation into the approval process for off shore wind projects in light of the recent deaths of ten whales and three dolphins.   Reps VanDrew and Harris also called for an immediate halt of off shore wind activity until proper investigations are done to determine if this is contributing to the marine life dying. 

A veteran New Jersey captain shared with Protect Our Coast – NJ his concerns and recent observations from offshore this week… 

‘In my 20 years on the water I saw two dead whales. Last trip alone I saw THREE! Something changed recently and is not right.  How many more whales will die before there is AT LEAST a full, independent investigation?”

On January 18, 2023, a rushed press conference regarding East Coast whale deaths was held by NOAA and BOEM. The agencies stated there is no evidence demonstrating offshore wind energy pre-construction activities are linked to these deaths. However, they failed to provide any evidence that these activities are not a factor and admitted studies are still underway. But, they are gladly accepting donations from these “green energy” companies.

Phil Murphy sent out the following tweet onDecember 21, 2018:

“Proud to join with governors of nine states on the Atlantic seaboard to reiterate our strong opposition to seismic airgun surveys and oil and gas drilling off our coasts. Seismic testing and fossil-fuel drilling along our coast would have devastating effects on our economy and natural resources.


New Jersey has continuously voiced opposition to offshore drilling, including passing bipartisan legislation to block oil companies from drilling in state waters. We remain committed to protecting our shoreline and the health and safety of our coastal communities.”

What’s changed since then? The companies funding his campaign is what’s changed. The same type of seismic blasting is happening that he disapproved of in 2018. The only difference is the type of energy that will be implemented off the shores.

The following is an article written great by Jason Endfield that emphasizes the threat of the wind farms. 

Marine ecosystems under threat

A recent paper published by the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres concluded that the expansion of wind farms in the North Sea “will have a significant impact on the structuring of marine coastal ecosystems”, impact that is not fully understood but is apparently being ignored by governments and the wind industry, both of which continue to insist that wind energy is green and environmentally friendly.

It may be in principle, but the sheer scale and speed of offshore developments is unbelievably rash. Saving the planet for humans, it seems, will be at the expense of many other species, some of which may disappear entirely from this world in our quest for ‘sustainable’ and ‘renewable’ energy.

But we won’t last long on our own. If we eradicate other species, as we are doing at breakneck speed already, then we are signing our own death warrant in the process.

As I’ve pointed out in earlier articles, whale strandings and bird loss might be the tip of the iceberg, the first visible signs of a massive ecological disaster if the expansion of the wind industry is allowed to progress unchecked.

His article speaks volumes. We need to be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and the future of our children and grandchildren. 

According to an article from science.org “When naval ships and other sea vessels use sonar, many whale species flee for their lives; some even strand themselves on beaches in a desperate attempt to escape. Now, scientists have discovered the most likely reason: The loud sounds trigger the same fear response as when the animals hear calls emitted by one of their most terrifying predators”

the article also stated “Hearing unusual or loud human noises, such as sonar, triggers the same defensive reaction, Miller explains. “The whales aren’t confusing sonar with killer whale sounds,” he stresses. The cetaceans flee from sonar “likely because it is loud,” he says. “They perceive it as a general threat, and that triggers their decision to escape.”

The full article can be found here.


Jersey Coast Emergency News has also been tracking the sonar vessels. We have noticed when the sonar vessels go out and circle our coasts within 48 hours whales and other sea life has washed up dead. Common sense would say what’s really happening right? Well when politicians have an agenda and their pockets are being lined up they’ll lie to you. In this case we are being lied right to our faces. Please watch out for more protests, and meetings to help fight for the whales, and dolphins.


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