Women Who Hoarded Dogs Due in Court Tomorrow, Protest Planned

BRICK: The two woman who hoarded over 180 cats and dogs with two of them dead are due in court tomorrow.

“Hello. I’m a volunteer with the Southern Ocean County Animal shelter and have been caring for these poor animals brought to us in such horrendous condition. Can you please share the information below on your page?

Aimee Lonczak and Michele Nycz, the two women who were arrested on 12/3 in Brick Twp., NJ, with 180 animals in a horrific case of hoarding, “illegal” puppy mill or whatever you want to call it, are going to court. Both women are scheduled to appear in Superior Criminal Court in Toms River, NJ, TOMORROW! January 10 at 1:30pm. 118 Washington Ave, Toms River. Court room 1. The court phone number is 732-504-0700. Best to call before attending because cases can be postponed.
It has been said that the women are trying to get the charges dropped and reclaim the dogs that they say are their “personal” dogs. Please spread the word and attend, quietly and peacefully, if you can. We did his once before and it is very effective if there is a show of support for the animals. In my opinion, the whole state of NJ needs to be aware! There was outrage when the animals were seized but imagine the outrage if they are not prosecuted to the fullest!”


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