Twenty-Nine Year Old Woman Arrested for Posing as a Student in New Brunswick High School

A 29 year old woman named Hyejeong Shin decided to enroll herself as a student in New Brunswick High School and return to classes. How did she do this?  Police advise that Shin registered for school using a false birth certificate.

Parents and students alike are feeling unsettled and demanding answers how a woman almost twice the age of a high school student got away with this. New Brunswick Public School Superintendent, Aubrey Johnson, advised that “state law prohibits a student being prevented from attending school based on lack of documentation…” and further advised  that there is a provisional 30 day period and Shin was discovered after just attending four days of school.

One student expressed concern “This old woman came to our school and was trying to get kids to ‘link’.  It makes a lot of students feel insecure and I get it.”  (Urban dictionary definition of link/linking is to hook up – get together).

Shin was arrested and charged with providing false government documentation and has been barred from entering the school. Police are uncertain as to her motive and parents and students were left shaken. Students protested outside of New Brunswick High School on Wednesday afternoon. 


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