Code Enforcement Investigating Massive Fire in Howell for Illegal Use

Howell Township issued the following statement regarding a structure fire at a residential property in a million plus dollar neighborhood where the property was purportedly being used as a Community Center

We are aware of the events that occurred at 363 Lanes Pond Road in Howell last night. Based on investigations that have taken place throughout the night, we anticipate that Code Enforcement will be issuing numerous summonses to the property owner. We take health safety and welfare issues very seriously, and this is no exception. We will prosecute the matter in our own municipal Court. In addition, we intend to rely on our short term rental ordinance to send one of our special counsel into Court in Freehold and to seek an injunction preventing future activities of this sort.

We also need your help. The residents of this Township know their neighborhoods. They know their neighbors and they know what happens. We cannot be everywhere at all times. So if you see activities in your neighborhood that concern you, please do not hesitate to contact Code Enforcement at 732-938-4500. If adequate evidence is presented, then Code Enforcement will be able to take action. But it cannot act on hearsay. We need to work together as a community.

Illegal uses. Over-crowded residential properties. Over-occupancy of rentals. Changes of use without approvals. Construction without necessary permits. The Township has zero tolerance for these issues.


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