Women in Brick Animal Hoarding Case to Appear in Court

Lonczak and Nycz are required to appear in Toms River Superior Court on January 31, at 10am in Room 12 before Judge Ryan to face their violations of the terms of release after they were first arrested on December 3. At that time, the Judge ordered them to have NO contact with animals and NO contact with the minor child. Both of those terms were violated on January 19 when they showed up, with the minor child, at the shelter demanding release of seven dogs. The prosecutor’s office wants to revoke the pre-trial release and request that the women are detained pending trial in March.
If you live locally, please mark your calendars and attend. And keep the emails, calls, letters coming. We can’t let up until these women are behind bars. The pictures are too gruesome for me to post but you can look them up. Remember, dogs were dead inside this home and the charges also include endangering the welfare of a child.


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