Old Bridge Police Asking For Your Help Identifying This Woman

Old Bridge Police issue the following request:

Our viewers were so helpful in identifying Sian Gledhill, that we are asking for your assistance again. (If you’re unfamiliar with Sian’s incident, see our previous post). On 11/10/22, Sian is seen here (in the red box), in the passenger seat of a car that was passing bad checks at several TD Banks. We are trying to identify the female sitting in the driver’s seat. The same car, with the same plate number (which comes back “not on file”), is used again on 11/12/2022 with another female driving it (lower left corner of the picture below). We are trying to identify these two unknown females to assist Tinton Falls PD.

It is believed that these women are part of what is known to law enforcement as the “Felony Lane Gang”. (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/01/17/fbi-felony-lane-gang-has-targeted-moms-across-us/4506297002/)

They canvas states, hitting up parking lots where people will be away from their vehicles for a significant amount of time (like a gym that only does classes, or a park where children’s sports games are being played) and they break car windows and steal purses. In most cases, this gives them the Identification of their victim. They either use checks they find in the purse, or sometimes create checks in the victim’s name, and then go around cashing them. It is reported that the Felony Lane Gang employs drug addicts who are in need of money and drugs.

If you can identify the females in these photos, please contact Detective Mike Cronin at (732) 721-5600 x3250 or mcronin@oldbridge.com


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