Holmdel First Aid Issues Statement On Massive Blaze

Last night just before 5 PM, Holmdel First Aid Squad was dispatched to provide EMS support at an active structure fire in town. Ambulances 1856, 1857, 1858, and Chief vehicle 1850 responded to the scene to provide standby EMS support to the firefighters and emergency personnel on scene. 1821’s dedicated volunteers remained on scene until after 2330 hours, ready to provide emergency medical assistance, firefighter rehab, and emergency transport for the first responders on scene in the frigid temperatures. We are proud to have strong working relationships with our police and fire departments, as well as with the EMS, police, and fire departments in our mutual aid towns. We are happy to share that all residents were evacuated prior to our arrival due to working fire alarms sounding in the residence, and that no one living in the home required medical attention or transport. Thank you to all emergency personnel who responded for their support and hard work in such difficult, freezing conditions!


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