Central Regional Student Commits Suicide After Being Bullied

The following is Adriana’s story shared by her sister

Adriana Olivia Kuch.
Before I begin I want everyone to know that I have my in-laws permission to post this. Since the town loves to gossip, as many already know my 14 year old sister-in-law had sadly taken her own life. Please read her story, throughout this message I’ll be calling her my sister because that’s who I saw her as, my little sister. Adriana was known as Age to her friends, but to us her family (The Kuch Family) we knew her as Sissy. She was such an amazing person and although I did not know her in all her years of life I got to know her since she was 11. And geez was she a one of a kind kid. Our family and her parents would describe her as a beautiful girl who was happy, funny, stubborn, strong, loved animals, could make friends so easily, would draw all the time, she loved going on runs with her older brother and our dogs when she came to visit us during the summer, and she always wanted to try out new hobbies… but would get tired of them fast🥹. She talked about how she wanted to be a tattoo artist when she turns 18 and although I didn’t take it seriously in the past. I really wish I could’ve seen what that future was like, to know that she still had a future. Sissy was our family’s spitfire and although she had her moments (the good, bad, and ugly) we loved her more than life itself and are heartbroken knowing that she’s gone. Two days before Adriana left us four girls had planned to jump my sister at her high-school. Ayona Lanzetti, Keyanna Brinson (known as KeKe), Amira Mosley, and another girl who we believe is Jasmine (we don’t know her last name) were the ones who planned the assault. Many students from Central Regional High School have seen the “fight video” where Amira was beating my sister with a water bottle so hard that the bottle broke open. Now before I continue I want to make it clear that I will not be posting this video on here. But I will describe it for the ones who haven’t seen it, and the ones who have seen it but only recognize it as a regular “fight video.” However, that isn’t the case so please listen to the truth. In the video you could see my little sister just having a normal day, she wasn’t being rude or provoking anyone it was just her and her boyfriend walking in the hallway. In the video you can hear all the girls laughing and how they all planned this awful attack. Two girls were recording (Ayona and the other girl, who we think is Jasmine) while the other two (Amira and KeKe) decided to abuse my sister. Luckily Adriana’s boyfriend was there to help break up the fight because she could’ve been injured so much worse. Amira was hitting Adriana with a water bottle so hard that the cap broke off, not only that but she was also throwing punches, kicking my sister, and would not let go of her until FINALLY ONE staff member got the girl off of Adriana. Students have informed me how the staff at central took their time to even go up to them to break up the fight. Besides that multiple students have informed me how these girls are notorious for bullying other students. Not only was Amira the one hurting my sister but also KeKe (she was the heavier girl in the video). Keke was pretending to help break up the fight but instead was recording my sister getting abused and also snuck in some punches while Adriana’s boyfriend was focused on getting Amira to let go of my sister. Ayona and the other girl were laughing and recording my sister since Ayona “just got off of homebound.” The school tried to make the attack seem way less horrific than it already is. They were standing up for KeKe and lied to my father-in-law saying she was breaking up the fight when you can clearly see her hurting and recording my sister. Not only that the school tried to play it off that Amira only “threw water” at my sister, if that were the case why was my sister’s lip severely bruised, had bruises on her body, and her nose busted?? After the awful jumping, Ayona and her followers (the three friends) kept harassing my sister saying things like “when we see you again we’ll beat your ass.” What’s even horrible Ayona went as far as saying “I feel bad for your parents,” as in feeling bad that sissy is their daughter. But actually Ayona we loved Adriana to death and we blame you and your “friends” for what you did to ruin her and our family. Ayona, you and your friends embarrassed my sister all over social media posting that video which then led to others spreading it. But not only that we also blame the school for not supporting Adriana and all the people spreading that horrific video. My father-in-law even showed the school what these girls were saying. So, how is it fair for them to just get a 10-day suspension? Oh but now that my sister is dead her case is now finally being taken seriously. Why couldn’t it have been taken this seriously when my sister was alive? As I’m speaking for her family please we do not want any donations, we do not want gifts, we do not want your food, etc. Because how can these materialistic things give us what we really want? And that’s to have our Sissy back, our spitfire. Now before you bombard us with any questions we will be having a public viewing from 5-7pm on Friday February 10th at the Mastapeter memorial home in Bayville. If you wish to say a final goodbye to sissy you may, but if you did not know us, did not know Adriana, was awful to Adriana we do not want you there. The family wishes that her funeral stays private and we would appreciate it if you all respected that. Please do not keep asking us questions about the how and why because those details are not meant for the world to know. Not only that we still need time to be grieving and it makes it worse when the whole town is nonstop asking us the same questions. We only want everyone to remember the amazing moments you were blessed with to have Adriana in our life. Thank you for listening to her story.
Here is the link if you wish to read more when it involves her viewing:
We love you Sissy and wish you were still with us.🤍

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  1. Charge up the trash girls, charge up their trash parents. Until a solid, consistent message is sent, bullying among other attacks will continue. Sad loss of life for nothing. 🙏🏼


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