Join Stafford Police and Town Officials For a Public Safety Forum Thursday Evening

Over the past week, the Township has received input from the public regarding suspicious activity, specifically on the potential for car thefts in the Township. On Thursday, 2/9/2023, at 6PM in the Township Council meeting room of Town Hall (260 East Bay Avenue, Manahawkin, NJ 08050), Mayor Myhre and Chief Dellane, will be hosting an open forum to discuss this topic.

At that forum, a review of what is in place to deter car thefts in our community will be discussed and then we will take input from the public on what the community is observing in their area of the Township. Statewide car thefts have risen over the past few years. The Stafford Township Police Department monitors and takes action when this type of activity does take place in the Township, but knowing that car thefts are rising in the State, we want to be proactive and work with the public to continue to deter car thefts in our community.

We invite you to come out to have this important discussion. The public forum will be recorded and posted on the Township’s website, Facebook and aired on Channel 22 after the discussion for the public’s reference.


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