Police Warn Distract and Grab Thefts Are On The Rise

‼️ALERT! We have recently been receiving reports of “Distract & Grab” Thefts in our area. Please, be aware of your surroundings, and educate yourself and your loved ones on how to protect yourselves from being a victim to these crimes.

“Distract and Grab” Thefts – What they are and how to protect yourself!
A “distract and grab” theft is a method of crime used by thieves, typically targeting shoppers or victims who are alone. The theft can happen in a variety of places, often a grocery store, retail store, or in the parking lot of a bank or shopping plaza.
During the incident, the thief engages the victim with some type of distraction, perhaps a conversation or question, to focus their attention in the wrong direction. While distracted, an accomplice then discretely steals money or goods from the victim.

There are many techniques used, but some common examples are:

  • In a grocery store, a thief asks the victim for help or bumps into their cart, while an accomplice steals the victim’s purse from the grocery cart.
  • In the parking lot of a bank, thief distracts victim by telling him/her that they have dropped some money, while accomplice steals something from an unlocked vehicle.

Tips to avoid being a victim:

  • Lock your vehicle all times, even during a quick run into the store.
  • Close your purse every time you go into a retail store.
  • Carry your purse or wallet on your person; do not place it in the cart.
  • If you take a wallet into the store, do not leave it in the cart.
  • Consider bringing a carabineer and clip the purse or wallet to the cart.
  • If you do not have young children with you, use the child safety belt to fasten your purse in the cart.

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