Petition Started For Change at Central Regional Has Over 5,000 Signatures

BERKELEY: A petition that’s quickly gaining support is now at over 5,000 signatures. The petition reads as follows.


In January 2022, my daughter was jumped and physically assaulted by MULTIPLE girls at Central Regional. She had reported threats and their previous stalking to the school weeks before it happened and NOTHING was done! The attack was recorded and sent across social media. My family has had an open lawsuit against Central for almost a year due to their negligence and involvement. Now here we are almost a year later, and we have now lost a beautiful 14-year-old soul who was brutally attacked at Central Regional HS just days before taking her own life. A life stolen way too soon. Parents our kids are not safe! This school is too busy trying to save their own asses than do their job! The bottom line is the violence at Central Regional needs to STOP! There needs to be a change in administration, there needs to be more security, the school should not be able to solely label these incidents. The only thing Central Regional does is label these events as “hallway disturbances” so it does not reach the threshold of needing to involve the police and reports aren’t made. It gives them reason to punish the VICTIM. Parents question EVERYTHING this school says! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Students do better… stop hurting each other and if you see someone being hurt call 911! It is not a fight, it is not an altercation, its not a hallway disturbance…..ITS CALLED ASSAULT.

Please sign the petition below to help with the change needed. This petition stands for change in Central Regional Administration, More Security at Central Regional (hallway monitors/etc.), Amendments to the Juvenile Justice Reform to Reflect Better Victim Rights, Higher Accountability to Schools who are Negligent in the Violence of their School System, and More Oversight in Determining Thresholds of Student Actions; Especially those which are Physical in Nature.

The petition can be signed below.

One comment

  1. Clean house from the superintendent down to keep our children safe. A superintendent who coddles criminals will never result in safe schools. ‘ But we’re not going to double-whammy a kid where they are suspended and then police charges as well,” Parlapanides says.


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