Balloon Release for Adrianna Set

Tomorrow, Saturday at Vets Park at 5pm in Bayville there will be a balloon release for Adriana. Everyone is invited to show your support for her and her family and friends. If you can’t bring balloons you can bring environmentally friendly lanterns, bubbles, candles, or anything you’d like. ❤️



  1. Please please don’t encourage or bring balloons. She loved animals and balloons being released will kill animals.
    Please have a candlelight vigil in her honor.


  2. Horrible idea for the environment and Animals. Plenty of other ways to honor people. Please don’t litter the earth like that. So unnecessary


  3. Stop the ballon releases !! It only makes for a good picture
    Hurts the sea life and marine ecosystem
    We don’t need more pollution out there killing our wildlife


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