Bullying Begins At Any Age

BERKELEY TOWNSHIP: Justin was just 7 years old and in the 2nd Grade at H & M Potter School when he was being bullied. At recess, he was being chased on the playground with a plastic knife. In School Justin would be forced to say hi to his bullies cousin or they would look at him and make visual threats to slit his throat. When his mom reached out to administration, their only response was that they can’t disclose the punishment of the bullies due to safety reasons. Meanwhile, Justin feared for his life to the point his mom had to pull him out of public school. Now 9 years old & homeschooled, he is doing well but is too afraid to ever go back to school.
This is not okay. Administration needs to step up! As a community we need to do better!



  1. It makes me sick to my stomach that these days we still go through this and people that our supposed to be there to protect our children “drop the ball”, or “pass the buck!” Pardon my language, but fuck public schools. The administration don’t do shit to the demonic children or the parents and then when it’s to late cry say their ‘hands are tied”. Sue there asses so property tax go up get the mother and father fuckers out of office. Sorry I may be old and just as wrong for saying it and yes you might be able to beat my ass. But Ill fight you to the end if you fuck with my great and grand nieces or nephews or my god grandson or my young cousins or my family and friends in all. I don’t care how young and old you are.


  2. This boy is my grandson this is not only sad it’s sick and disgusting I’m so disappointed my boys went to hmpotter back then it was a really good school my heart breaks for these little ones and older that they are being and getting bullied and the school system isn’t doing there job by protection our children we as parents should never have to worry bout our kids while they are in school it’s the adults job while our kids are there not only to teach but to protect Berkeley you need to do your job..


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