Berkeley Mayor Releases Statement Regarding Adriana Kuch

An important message from Mayor Carmen F. Amato, Jr.

“I join our entire community and all of New Jersey in sharing great sorrow for the tragic loss of Adriana Kuch.

In unthinkable moments of grief like these, it’s difficult to convey the words that bring comfort. But as these are the darkest of days for Adriana’s family and friends, it’s important to remember the light that she brought into their world.

From so many accounts of those closest to her, we have learned of her happy and strong personality and her love of all animals and nature, her helping children with special needs, and how she liked jogging with her brothers or walks in the woods.

What was loved about her is already missed about her by those closest to her – and that must always be remembered about her.

There is obviously a great deal of rightful anguish and emotion with Adriana’s passing, from her family, friends and within our community at large.

I commend the students who had peacefully protested against harassment intimidation and bullying in our schools. Working with our police department, we will continue to have a strong presence in our schools, so students, parents and staff have a safe and secure learning environment.

I have spoken to our Prosecutor, board members, administrators, teachers, parents and students about this tragic incident. Together, zero-tolerance policies will be implemented, and programs will be launched immediately to address these challenges.

It is critical that as leaders, as administrators, as teachers, as parents and as a community as a whole, we unify and take this moment and try to learn and understand from it, so we can avoid future tragedies.”


One comment

  1. Dear Community:

    It is tragic this occured months before I am to be elected your next state senator. As such, we will now choose to do the things we have ignored for decades while keeping you all happy and compliant with flag-waving veteran honoring ceremonies, senior citizen entitlement programs (cause they vote the most), and summer evening cover bands. I hope you’ll join with me in putting this all behind us so that you remember to vote Amato this November. Thank you.


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