Dead Whale Washed Ashore in Manasquan

Tragically another whale has washed ashore near the Manasquan Inlet. Is this the result of wind turbines? On lookers watched in horror and sadness as this whale rolled into shore line.

Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kanita shared the following update just a short time ago:

“UPDATE: The whale has come ashore in Manasquan. Hoping to hear the results of the autopsy soon and hoping that testing is done openly and transparently.

I’m currently standing on the beach a few hundred feet from the Manasquan Inlet watching yet another dead whale wash into the surf. It’s the size of a bus and it could easily come ashore in Point Pleasant Beach. I guarantee you if it does we will personally test it and get to the bottom of this. Governor, when do these stop becoming coincidences? How many more will it take?”

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center is on route to the whale.


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