Marine Mammal Stranding Center Investigating 35 Foot Humpback Whale That Died

MANASQUAN: Today, stranding network partners from Marine Mammal Stranding Center and Atlantic Marine Conservation Society will be conducting a necropsy on the deceased 35-foot humpback whale that landed on Manasquan Beach yesterday afternoon. The whale was identified by Gotham Whale as a juvenile female that had been seen feeding in the area on January 7.

Working with Monmouth County, the decision was made to move the whale to the county landfill for examination and tissue sampling. Here, necropsy teams will have access to heavy equipment and resources that will enable a complete examination. Necropsy results take some time, and will not be available immediately, but if there are preliminary findings, we will share them as soon as they are available.

This is a sad event that has become too frequent lately, and our teams are tired, but we are continuing to work to help find answers about why these whales are dying. We appreciate the community’s support as we do these necropsies.


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