Whale Removed from Beach, Assemblywoman Releases Statement

Assemblywoman Vicky Flynn released the following statement after another whale washes up on Maswuan beach.

“I want to thank the kind hearted Monmouth County employees who treated this young whale with care while removing her from the beach in Manasquan. All of the employees and law enforcement personnel from surrounding towns put their heart into respecting the life of this poor creature as she was removed from the beach on this beautiful winter day.

The crowds that gathered to see for themselves yet another beached whale on the Jersey Shore were simply amazed at the sight. It was strangely quiet as they watched the employees perform their work – in hushed voices, you heard so many wonder out loud how this could have happened to one of the most majestic creatures on Earth & hoping these deaths will not be in vain.

No matter what statement is issued by govt officials regarding the death of this juvenile whale, people are not going to be able to shake the feeling that they had there today. People have strong beliefs that these sudden whale deaths are related to new offshore activities off of our jersey coast. I would hope the industry would understand the need to pause and allow further investigations to ensue to ensure the protected whale species is not further endangered.”

Protests are being planned for Sunday at 1:00 on Jenkinsons Boardwalk. We will update as we get additional information.


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