Remember the Horror of the Brick Animal Hoarding Case? Your Help is Needed Now More Than Ever

BRICK: Remember waking up that December morning and seeing the unspeakable pictures of the poor dogs covered in feces? Cages piled on cages of petrified dogs? Remember the horrible pictures of dogs you couldn’t even identify? Remember the anger you felt as you watched the never ending cages carried to transport vehicles? Remember your emotions and need you had to reach out and help these innocent victims? Please don’t let those images and feelings leave you because their battle is far from over and they need you now more than ever! Imagine one County getting an influx overnight of 180 cats and dogs who are suddenly homeless, in need of medical care and training to help reintroduce them into being the loving pet they were meant to be.

So many wonderful people came through with donations of all kinds and the shelters and volunteers are eternally grateful for all that everyone has done to help. We came together as a community with one purpose, to save those dogs and cats. Now, here we are over two months later and our shelters are bursting at the seams, rescues are full, shelters are overloaded, fosters are full. Where does that leave all these innocent victims? Desperate for good people to step up and either foster or adopt these babies so they can continue to flourish.

With shelters on overload it limits what they can do as people surrender their dogs and cats for varying reasons. No Animal should lose their life because there’s just no room left.

Please if you are considering a pet, please visit the Manahawkin and Jackson shelters and choose one of these babies to complete your family. If you can open your home for just a while consider applying to be a foster. They need us just as much now, if not more, than they did that fateful December day.


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