Theft Among Organizations On The Rise – Prosecutors Office Issues Statement

TOMS RIVER: We have noticed a spike in thefts from community organizations! If you are aware of, or your organization has been a victim of theft, please contact the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Economic Crime Squad at (732) 929-2027, Ext. 3468. All callers can remain anonymous.

Some tips to protect your organization against theft – have a strong written policy – the policy should include appropriate cash handling procedures and documentation, requirements for board approval prior to payment of certain expenses, dual signatures for checks and regular review of the organization’s financial statements and transaction records by members of the organization who are not involved with the day to day management of the organization’s finances. The review should include both traditional bank and credit card records as well as any digital payment platform that the organization uses, such as Venmo or PayPal. Protect your organization! Don’t become a victim of theft!

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