Heavy Duty Tow Truck Crashes Into Accident Scene

We’ve all heard and seen the saying “Slow Down and Move Over”.
Every first responder is taught to watch their back on the roadway and to never turn your back to traffic. We see it all the time on television and social media of it happening across the country, but we never imagine it will happen so close to home.
Earlier last night, at 22:30, crews were dispatched to Mile Marker 17.4 for a motor vehicle accident involving two vehicle as a precautionary to assist with the scene.

While operating on the scene, at approximately 23:10, a large Heavy Duty “rotator” tow truck towing a refrigerated box truck came crashing into the active scene. Multiple New Jersey State Police vehicles received significant damage, as well as some minor damage to a BLS unit and one firetruck.
By a miracle, every member from Fire, EMS, and police walked away last night and returned home to their families safely.

Courtesy Allamuchy Fire Department

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