1 Recovered, 2 Injured After Balcony Collapsed on Workers

SEA ISLE CITY: 1 worker was recovered, and two others were injured when a concrete balcony collapsed on the eighth floor of Spinnaker South. The 15,000 pound balcony which is located at 3500 Boardwalk, collapsed onto the balcony below crushing one worker working below. Two other workers on the eighth floor suffered minor injuries.

One witness said they could hear a man screaming “Help, get it off of me.” For about twenty minutes and then he was silent. Officials stated that they were in a recovery mission to get the trapped man out from under the balcony. The mission itself took a few hours and was successful after first responders from state level, Camden County, and Cape May County breached a hole into the concrete to grab the worker.

While there’s been no official word on the victim it is believed he has died.

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