Asbury Park Fire Department Asking Public for Help

Please join the Asbury Park Professional Firefighters Local 384 members this Monday, February 27th at noon in the Council Chambers to support the construction of a new Asbury Park Fire Department Headquarters.

The new building has been long overdue and will be a massive upgrade over the current Fire Headquarters. The building, as designed, can house all of the department’s equipment, apparatus, offices, and personnel while featuring a training tower, a community room, and a solar array, with a facade that blends into the surrounding neighborhood.

The addition of the training tower will allow the department members to train on a wide variety of skills that directly translates to the safety of the City while reducing costs and liability associated with training off-site. Currently, the department has no dedicated training site which forces training exercises into inconvenient locations for the public, oftentimes causing delays in foot and vehicular traffic. The ability to train on-site, at any time, with no inconvenience to the public, will be an immense improvement to the training we can conduct to maintain the high level of service our residents and visitors are accustomed to. The community room provides a space for our residents to meet and organize events that will bring value to our already rich and eclectic community. Finally, with a keen eye on our future and our impact on the environment, the solar array will help reduce the carbon footprint of the new building and its occupants.

We thank the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager for their continued support of the Fire Department and the members of Local 384. We hope to see you this Monday as a show of support for this project.

Yours in service,

The Asbury Park Professional Firefighters Local 384


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