JCEN Welcomes New Journalist to Page!

We would like to announce the hiring of Linda Schroeck! Linda has quite an inspiring story! Growing up in Elizabeth Linda grew up with two brothers and two sisters. Growing up with no money, and not knowing where her next meal would come from Linda grew up eating milk and crackers. “My mom would mix milk and crackers together and that would be a meal growing up. Saltines were only 8 cents a box!”

At 16 years old Linda got pregnant with her oldest son. Knowing how hard her life was growing up Linda did not want her son to grow up the same way. Linda dedicated her life to schooling, and work and became a successful real estate broker. At 58 years old she now is the owner of a successful real estate brokerage office, a mother, grandmother, and a writer for our page! Linda has a love for animals and is a failed foster mom. We say failed because she fell in love with the dogs she fostered and couldn’t give them up! Because, Linda had such a love for animals we have partnered up with rescues across the state to feature dogs that they have for adoption.

Linda has been such a wonderful asset to the page that we feel that she deserves to be recognized. Linda, has the biggest heart of anyone we have came across and we couldn’t be anymore excited to announce that she’s with us to stay. Growing up with friends and family as first responders she understands the importance of their roles in everyday life. Linda has a wonderful sense of humor, and she fits right in for our fun stories we do over the summer. She also is very knowledgeable of the fact that Michael Jordan has an 80 foot Viking yacht that was made right here in NJ! She said “It’s designed to look like his shoe right?”That’s when we knew she was a keeper! Please join us in welcoming Linda to our team.


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