Autistic Boy Brutally Assaulted at Central Regional

BERKELEY: Months of bullying, and threats turned into a nightmare for parents of an autistic teen at Central Regional High School. The student who’s name we are withholding was the victim of a brutal assault, months of torment, bullying, and harassment. His bullying didn’t just stop at school. He was the victim of fake instagram accounts where photos were uploaded to make fun of him. We uploaded one of the pictures that was posted to the account, and it’s very disturbing. The mother said they notified principals for months and nothing was ever done. After months of threats the bullies finally followed through, and assaulted this teenage boy.

The mother told us ”We’ve lost so much. He was entitled to 2 more years of schooling, but he wasn’t safe, and his mental well-being was deteriorating. So we pulled him out of school.”

Adriana Kuch’s father shares his story of how Central Regional failed his daughter in the days before her death.

This is another of the nightmare stories we are being told of the bullying that’s happening at this school. The mother is now consulting with attorneys and a lawsuit is pending.

This is the same school, and staff that failed Adriana Kuch a 14 year old girl who took her life after being brutally assaulted and bullied.

Mother of the boy confronting the Board of Education at the latest board meeting

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  1. I could not even watch the video without breaking in tears, my grandchild is also autistic. One family lost a child due to the bullying in this school. Multiple complaints have been mentioned about the bullying issues at this school- when will the district say enough is enough!! I have grandchildren growing up who may attend this school in the future- You MUST do better, the school and the district have been failing our children. ZERO tolerance for bullying!!


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