NJ Democrats Vote Against Stricter Car Theft Penalties

Assemblywoman Vicky Flynn shared the following update regarding stricter penalties on car thefts.

“Today, I advocated in favor of a bill that would impose stricter penalties upon those who use juveniles in the commission of a car theft. I focused on the fact that we were all sent to Trenton to address the issues that concern our residents and public safety is always a priority when I requested a bill be released from committee and voted on the floor today.

Seems like a no brainer, right? Especially since this bill was drafted based on input from law enforcement leaders. The sage advice provided by law enforcement and pleas of countless residents and mayors and local leaders were ignored today by the majority.

The Assembly Democrats unanimously rejected taking any steps towards addressing the increase of car thefts in our communities, leaving us vulnerable to this organized criminal activity happening all over the State. This was extremely puzzling since the Senate Democrats have sponsored similar legislation and moved it through committee. Why is there a different approach in the Assembly? I hope it’s not because Gerry Scharfenberger and I are the prime sponsors along with some of our NJ Assembly GOP colleagues.

I am committed to continuing to work with the majority to address the uptick of car theft, and am hoping the bills will move forward to the Assembly floor sooner rather than later because time is running out.”

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