Collapsed Refinery Tank Catches Fire

This morning around 0130 hours, members from Port Reading, Woodbridge and Avenel were dispatched to the Buckeye Facilty on Cliff Road for a reported fire from one of the tanks on the property.
Crews arrived to heavy smoke and flames pushing from the top of the tank. This tank was previously drained due to a collapse a few weeks ago.

Crews utilized ground monitors and multiple hand lines to flow foam and suppress the fire. Members from Carteret were dispatched to the scene with their foam tender to assist with the operation. Woodbridge Fire provided their foam unit as well as part of the operation. A tremendous team effort by all agencies and the employees of Buckeye to quickly get the situation rectified. Crews are currently still on scene continuing to monitor the tank for further risks and assisting in the off loading process.

Members from Perth Amboy and Middlesex County Haz-Mat also assisted on scene for this extended operation.

Thank you to Colonia Fire Department and Iselin Fire Dist. 9 for providing coverage at Port Readings fire headquarters.

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