Adopt Rummy. He’s All Smiles

What a funny, silly, sweet dog Rummy is! He’s a shepherd mix of almost 3 years old that’s had a couple of homes now and he’s back to searching for the perfect, forever home where he can bring all of the joy and happiness that he has to offer! Please don’t think that Rummy has ever done anything wrong. Circumstances like a new job, new baby, and that sort of thing led to Rummy needing new homes, that’s all. He’s a lovable, well-behaved boy that never met anyone he didn’t like. He’s young and active, so he needs daily exercise and playtime. He’s housebroken, good on a leash, he’s had plenty of training and he’s super affectionate and friendly. Rummy is good with other dogs too! He’s the kind of dog that will be a forever-puppy and the perfect family dog. He’ll be overjoyed to be welcomed into your life! Call 609-693-1900 or email: for an application. File#55690 2/14/23


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