Road Closures For St. Patrick’s Day Parade

BELMAR: The following street closures will be in effect for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Belmar.

Street closure info for Sunday from Belmar PD:
Beginning at 6:00 am the Belmar and Lake Como Department of Public
Works will begin to place barricades along Main Street from 5th Avenue South to North Blvd.

Main Street will be closed to all vehicular traffic by 8:00am and until the conclusion of the parade.

If you need to travel to areas East of Main Street, please utilize 5th Avenue, or Ocean Avenue by way of Spring Lake. Eastbound and westbound traffic will be permitted on 8 th Avenue, 12 th Avenue and eastbound traffic on 18 th Ave. until 11:30am.
Parade participant staging areas will be on the westbound side of
18th Avenue and North Blvd. from B Street to Main Street and will be
closed starting at 7:00am.
Proof of residency will be required to travel East of Main Street in the area of 18th Ave and North Blvd.


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