Woman Facing Eviction Threatened to Blow House Up Right Before Fire Raged Through the Monmouth County Home Today

ROOSEVELT:  Fire engulfed a home in Cedar Ct today where an unidentified woman along with an unknown amount of cats died in the fire and two firefighters suffered injuries, the extent of which has not been released.

The woman who occupied the residence was in the process of being evicted when she threatened to blow up the house.  Roosevelt Mayor Peggy Malkin said the Cedar Court woman would not vacate the house after the home’s owner had filed for eviction proceedings. 

State Troopers saw smoke coming from the home at 11:10 a.m. then it became engulfed in flames.  The fire quickly advanced to three alarms. The woman, whose identity has not been released, died in the fire.  She was a pet sitter and had cats in the home.  It is believed that the cats perished in the fire. It is not known if any escaped. 

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