Construction Worker Gets Trapped in Sewer

MOUNT LAUREL: On Friday, March 3, 2023, at 8:39 AM, the Mount Laurel Fire Department was dispatched to 3033 Fostertown Road for a report of an “unconscious person trapped in a hole*. Within minutes, members from the Mount Laurel Fire Department, Mount Laurel Emergency Medical Services, and Mount Laurel Police Department responded and arrived on scene. Upon arrival, emergency services performed a rapid assessment and found a semi-conscious construction worker trapped in an inactive sanitary sewer system, approximately 15° below grade. Members of the Mount Laurel Fire Department, along with members of the Burlington County Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) team took immediate actions to further assess the situation and begin rescue operations. Emergency services personnel, after metering the confined space, establishing ventilation, and donning appropriate personal protective equipment, entered the sewer via a manhole cover. A harness was applied to the construction worker and emergency services personnel assisted with the rescue of the person from the sewer system. The rescue was completed by 9:10 AM and the patient was transported by ground to Cooper Hospital in Camden. The condition of the patient is stable at this time. The construction worker was in a sanitary sewer system to perform work as part of the new Haddon Point Community Development project located on Route 38 between Fostertown Road and Ark Road. The following organizations provided assistance on scene: Mount Laurel Fire Department, Mount Laurel Emergency Medical Services, Mount Laurel Police Department, Virtua Health System Paramedics & Emergency Medical Service, Burlington
County US&R, along with numerous other agencies.
End of Report


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