Please Adopt Birdie Just 1.5 Years Old Before Her One Year Anniversary in the Shelter

BRICK: Birdie is still here. To make things even sadder, her one year anniversary is less than a month away 😭 we’re so sad to think about how she was abandoned at the end of a dirt road, and now has to spend her entire puppy years in a kennel. Birdie is now about 1.5 years old and has been practicing her training so she can get noticed by her forever family. We love this girl SO much and all she wants is humans to love. She literally melts to the floor and rolls on her back whenever anyone gives her the attention she needs! Please give Birdie a chance!! Apply for our sweet girl today or share her story so she doesn’t celebrate her one year anniversary. 💔

Birdie is at Jersey Shore Animal Center 185 Brick Blvd Brick NJ.


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