“Justice for Corey” Update From Mom and New Court Date


I’m sensing a lot of frustration following the last court appearance as I’ve read each and every one of your comments. Let me just say I get it I really do…we all just want Justice right now but unfortunately these things take time.

The prosecutors are doing their very best and they keep the family up to date as much as they can. With that being said I just want to remind each of you that the prosecutors are on our side and we can not thank them enough for being thorough in order to secure a GUILTY verdict. A rush to trial can lead to mistrial and we do not want that.

Please be patient with the prosecutors and remember who they’re currently up against (the defendant’s attorney 🙄) not to mention the things they may have to see and read involving the death of a child.

As always ALL SUPPORTERS are welcome to join the family at these court hearings and we hope to see you there 💙


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