Adopt this Handsome Boy Smoke

Meet Smoke!❣️ Smoke came in with his housemate Jaguar, a senior shepherd. Their owner moved in with a family member and couldn’t take the boys along. The owner did secure a place where she could reclaim her boys. When she came to reclaim them, they unfortunately could not be put back together. Smoke reacted badly to Jaguar. The heartbreaking choice was made to place Smoke, the younger of the 2, up for adoption. 💔

This is no reflection on Smoke, he is an awesome boy. ❤️ He is now listed as no dogs, but he does respond to correction so walks shouldn’t be a problem. And he needs a lot of walks to get some of the love weight off of him. 🐾 He is a handsome loving boy still full of pep. Let’s get this boy a wonderful home of his own! 🏠

Follow the link to submit an application so you can meet Smoke! ⬇️


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