Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Nominated for Assemblyman

POINT PLEASANT BEACH: Mayor Paul Kanitra was nominated for Assemblyman last night. He released the following statement.

“The results of last night’s Ocean County GOP Convention have truly humbled me in so many ways. Other Mayors, Councils, Municipal Chairs and Club Presidents from the towns of the 10th District chose me to represent them in the New Jersey State House as their next Assemblyman in the upcoming primary election. The shoes being left by my great friend, John Catalano will be huge ones to fill. The faith my peers put in me will certainly never be forgotten and is now a charge to keep as I head into this different direction.

As Mayor of Point Pleasant Beach, the only negative part of a dream job, has been the horrendous policies coming out of Trenton that have continually harmed our Shore communities. Unfunded mandates have cost our taxpayers dearly, weak kneed laws have made our streets less safe, a lack of focus in education and an erosion of parental rights have harmed our children. And that doesn’t even touch on the corrupt money grab that is this offshore wind project. I feel compelled to do my part to try and stop all of it.

Since coming into office, I have woken up every single day fully motivated to do whatever has been necessary to keep this town safe. The next step of that role begins now. This shift gives my administration ten more months to finish up the initiatives we started together to revitalize this great community. After that, I’m supremely confident that one of my incredible Council members will pick up the torch and carry it just as strongly forward. I fully intend to be right there by their side, helping Point Pleasant Beach and every other town in the 10th District in this new and vitally important role.

Thank you again for everyone who helped make this happen. Thank you to my Council for doing the work together that made this possible. Thank you to Noriko for the nomination and friendship. Thank you to the Ocean County GOP and the Monmouth County GOP. Thank you to my new running mate, Greg McGuckin. Thank you to my beautiful wife Alora for supporting me unconditionally. I will continue to always be a loud voice for what’s right, always listen to those I represent, always be my own person. I will not let any of you down.”

Mayor Paul Kanitra has been a huge asset to Point Pleasant Beach. With his nomination we are excited to watch his political career grow. This is one of the best candidates we have seen in a long time. Thank you for your service to Point Pleasant Beach and best of luck in Assembly!


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