Brick Animal Hoarders Release Their Rights to Their Personal Dogs and are Offered a Plea that Includes Jail Time

BRICK: Michele Nycz and Aimee Lonczak who have been charged with animal cruelty after officials found 180 cats and dogs living in deplorable conditions inside their home in Brick on December 2nd last year appeared in court today for a case management conference before the Honorable Linda Baxter. There has been a plea deal offered to the women which we are advised does include jail time, however, the terms have not been disclosed.

Ocean County Assistant Prosecutor, Alexander Becker, advised the court that they have received the pathology reports on the necropsies performed on two dogs that were found in crates removed from the home. The defendants are in receipt of the reports and requested an adjournment to review the reports and the plea deals with their clients. A new hearing has been scheduled for April 18, 2023. Judge Baxter advised the defendants that a decision on the plea offers will need to be made by that time since she “would be strongly disinclined to adjourn beyond April 18th.

A consent agreement to surrender their rights to their personal dogs was also entered into the court record. This will allow those dogs to be placed for adoption and finally get them out of the shelter setting.


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