Adopt or Foster Handsome Ace – 580 Days and Waiting


How many of you out there are diabetic? How many take blood pressure medication? High cholesterol? Allergies? Anxiety? There’s a multitude of afflictions that many of us have and treat every day. We have the comforts of home, the freedom to spend time with family and friends whenever we wish, and we just live our best lives as we wish. Why, then, are pets with similar afflictions discriminated against, and sit in shelters for months or even years on end? We can’t figure it out either….

One such pet is Ace, an incredibly sweet, happy, clown of a dog that’s about 5 1/2 years old that’s been waiting patiently for a home for 580 days now. He was turned in by his family due to them moving. Ace is the kind of dog that makes friends everywhere he goes. He’s bouncy, fun-loving, and always has a toy in his mouth, but he’s well-behaved too. At adoption events, he easily makes friends with the youngest child and the oldest adult. He can be a boisterous goof when he’s playing but he never means any harm. He’s pretty good with dogs his size too.

Ace is diabetic. His insulin is about $20 a month, and his prescription diet doesn’t cost much more than the average good dog food does. Due to this though, no one ever even comes to meet Ace, let alone offers to adopt him. They really don’t know what they’re missing because Ace will be your best buddy for life if you give him the chance. If you’re leery of adopting a special needs dog, Ace is available for foster too which means WE provide what he needs, YOU just provide the good home, so he can at least experience what a good home is all about. Interested? Contact us at 609-693-1900 or for an application.

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