Crews Dispatched for 8 Stranded Dolphins in Distress

SEA ISLE CITY: The Marine Mammal Stranding Center staff and veterinarian is currently on scene responding to a mass stranding event in Sea Isle City. A pod of eight Common dolphins has stranded, two of which have died at the time of this post. MMSC staff is being assisted by the Sea Isle City Police, Fire, EMS and Public Works Departments. We ask that the public please give the team space to do their work. We will provide updates when we have more information available, and our team is back from the scene. Thank you.

UPDATE:At 3:20pm the following update was released. The remaining six dolphins were assessed by our veterinarian and their conditions were rapidly deteriorating. The decision was made to humanely euthanize the dolphins to prevent further suffering, as returning them to the ocean would have only prolonged their inevitable death. All eight dolphins have been transported to the NJ State Lab for immediate necropsies. We share in the public’s sorrow for these beautiful animals, and hope that the necropsies will help us understand the reason for their stranding.



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