Fire Department Releases Info on Structure Fire in Tinton Falls Yesterday

TINTON FALLS: Wayside Fire Department released the following:


Yesterday afternoon, members of District 36 were dispatched to Periwinkle Circle for a reported working structure fire. Due to multiple calls, Chief 2-66 who was the Officer on Engine 2-74 requested a re-dispatch of the a box alarm bringing in surrounding mutual aid companies. Engine 2-74 was first due in which a 5” water supply was established and two 1 3/4” attack lines were quickly placed into service – one attack line to the “C” side to keep the exterior fire in check while the second attack line went inside the structure from the “A” side to extinguish the fire that had already auto exposed into the second division and attic. Working alongside members of Tower 37-2-90, Tower 83-89, Engine 37-1-72, Engine 1-78 and Ladder 2-90; primary and secondary searches were completed, a secondary 5” water supply was established and the seat of the fire was located and extinguished. After an extensive overhaul due to deep seated pockets of fire, the fire was ultimately marked under control by initial companies. Tinton Falls Fire Marshal’s Office was notified and conducted an investigation in regards to the cause and origin of the fire. Chief 37-1-68 had command of the incident.

Thank you to the following organizations that were on location and assisted with efforts:
Tinton Falls Fire Company No. 1
Northside Engine Co. 4
Wanamassa Fire Company
Oakhurst Independent Hose Company No. 1
Asbury Park Fire Department
Asbury Park Professional Firefighters Local 384
Unexcelled Fire Co. Neptune Fire Dept NJ
Tinton Falls EMS South
Wanamassa First Aid
Little Silver Fire Company
Glendola Fire Company
Borough of Tinton Falls Police Department


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