Rise in Young Girls Being Followed in Stores

OCEAN COUNTY: We have heard numerous reports over the last few weeks of young women being followed around Target in Brick, and Toms River, and Marshall’s in Toms River. Numerous women have told us that they are being followed in stores by men and women. In most cases the young girls told JCEN that the people following them would call them beautiful, ask if they wanted modeling jobs, and try sweet talking them. Afterwards the women would purposely go to the other sides of the stores where they would be followed. All the girls have described a man or a woman on a call phone talking to someone. In two instances women have described seeing an occupied white van in the parking lot. The women told us that they did report what happened to the stores, and even had an employee walk outside with them. When asked if the police were contacted they told us no.

“Just wanted to give a heads up to any women in the area, I was at the brick target today from about 3:30-4:15 and there was an African American man dressed in all black clothing following me around the store and eventually cornered me in one of the aisles. After a few minutes I eventually talked my way away from him and immediately told the closest worker I could find but he was still lurking in the women’s and children’s sections afterwards.”

If you’re a young woman it’s always best to not travel alone. Having a buddy with you is always the best idea. If you are along and feel in danger talk on your cell phone, go up to a store associate, and call the police. If you see a young woman being harassed, or possibly in danger, talk to her. Acting like you’re friends can scare anyone who wants to cause harm away. Always remain vigilant.


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