Yoko Is A Young Pup Ready For A Home of His Own – His Eyes Speak Volumes

JACKSON: As another month comes to an end, this poor boy still sits and waits for help. Yoko has seen many dogs come into the shelter way after him and they’ve already left for Rescue but he still sits and waits for help. We just wanted to show you the look of a shelter dog who sits and waits for help, for freedom. He spends about 23 1/2+ hours a day in his kennel just staring and waiting for help. The other 20 to 30 minutes (if he is lucky) he gets to run and play, it’s not enough time, it’s no life for a young active boy, it’s heartbreaking to see. Yoko is coming up on 20 months old now, he’s been in the shelter twice in his young life and he is in immediate need of Rescue by a 501(c)3. We have a few rescues interested in helping Yoko but they need a foster. How can there not be a foster family out there for this boy? He is young, healthy, very handsome, knows commands, listens well, is dog friendly. He would do fantastic with an active adult family or a single adult, or a family with older children (12 and up). He was living with a family with three very young children and he was too much for the kids. The family said he was a fantastic dog and they loved him but he was not a good fit for toddlers so older children would be fine. Yoko needs rescue due to food guarding but that is workable with a knowledgeable family. He is fantastic! Not an aggressive bone in his body, he looks at you with those beautiful Caramel eyes, you can see the love he has to give. Please keep sharing for Yoko, our hearts are breaking, this is no life for a young boy. If you are an approved 501(c)3 Rescue and can help Yoko or if anyone is interested in fostering this sweet boy, please email kathleenfrett1@gmail.com and we will pass your information along to the rescues who are interested in helping him. Please don’t stop sharing this boy!


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