Police Issue Update on Power Outages and Road Closures


JACKSON: We are aware the power is still out and it has been reported that over 9300 people are without power at this time. There is no ETA on when power will be restored.

PLEASE DO NOT call the police department about your power outage asking for updates. We do not know and our dispatchers are already overloaded with emergency calls for service.

The roads that were listed previously are still closed along with a section of West County Line Road between Bennetts Mills Road & Villanova Drive.

Everyone is working diligently to open roadways and assist JCP&L in any way with power restoration.

In addition there is a Declaration of Emergency in effect so please limit your usual traffic today so that emergency services can focus on getting everything back in order.

That being said if you need police assistance or have any type of emergency please do not hesitate to call us.

Stay Safe and we will update accordingly

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