Police Update Storm Related Street Closures

JACKSON: Police issue the following statement regarding some of the roadways:


First and foremost we hope everyone is safe! There are ALOT of reports of damage throughout the entire town. We are aware of power outages and the power companies along with DPW and county are doing all they can to clean everything up and restore power.

All emergency services are working diligently to get this accomplished.

The following roads are closed at the moment:

  • West Commodore Boulevard between Cedar Swamp Road and Diamond Road
  • North New Prospect Road between Rose Dr and Willow Drive along with parts of South New Prospect Road.

We ASK that everyone please stay in doors and off the roads so clean up can be completed safely. Please don’t venture out to assess the damage, we will take care of that.

As always do not hesitate to call us if you need our assistance or emergency services! Please refrain from calling us about power outages as we are aware and our dispatchers are fielding a high volume of calls.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe!!!

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