Cashiers Bully Downs Syndrome Customers at Retail Store

TOMS RIVER: Yesterday, I went to Burlington Coat Factory in Toms River. Three employees were making fun of a group of people with Down’s syndrome shopping in the store. This was done right in front of customers. I’m one for a joke. I’m a funny person. But, making fun of special needs people is disgusting. ESPECIALLY directly in front of them, and in front of other customers. When I spoke up I got an attitude. I said alright let me talk to your boss, and was told my managers busy and can’t speak with you. Wellllll little do they know the platform I have. Do better people. We are supposed to protect those that are most vulnerable. That’s including chikdren, seniors, and special needs.

Burlington responded to us with the following. “At Burlington, we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and safe environment for all customers and associates. We are investigating the alleged incident and will take appropriate measures as deemed necessary, upholding our commitment to equality and the dignity of each person.”


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