Wildfire Just Took a Bad Turn

MANCHESTER/LAKEHURST: In the last half hour (approximately 10:45 pm) the following events have unfolded:

*Mandatory evacuation ordered for Lakehurst residents between Division and Myrtle Street

*All the way down division they have active fire right at the edge of the roadway . Active fire about 20-30 feet up in the trees . Embers starting to blow and its getting really smoky in the shopping center . This fire is gonna crest in the tree tops soon.

*Fire is running down Beckerville Rd. Need strike teams for east of there and for Lakehurst area per OCFC.

*Station 62 is on structure protection on Division Street in Lakehurst

*Fire has shifted to a northern direction

*Laurel @ spruce for heavy amount of embers

*Lakehurst- Mandatory Evacuation for residents north of Rt 70 are to go to the Manchester High School

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