Forest Fire Burning Over 1,600 Acres 60% Contained

WILDFIRE UPDATE: Log Swamp Wildfire – Little Egg Harbor Twp.

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service has made substantial progress in containing a wildfire in Little Egg Harbor Twp., Ocean County, that is burning in Bass River State Forest, the Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area and at the Warren Grove Bombing Range.

The fire is currently 1,607 acres in size and 60% contained. While some areas of New Jersey received rainfall this afternoon, the area of the fire has not received any appreciable precipitation.

⚠️ Route 539 is closed from the town of Warren Grove to Forge Road.

This afternoon Forest Fire Service completed a backfiring operation to aide in containment. Overnight crews will continue to reinforce containment lines.

No residential structures are threatened and there are no evacuations.

Please remember, “No Drones in Fire Zones – If YOU fly, WE can’t!” More info:

Stay tuned to this page for updates. The next update is expected after 10 a.m. on Sunday, April 16.

Helpful Wildfire Terminology
🔥 Wildfire – An uncontrolled fire burning the different types of vegetation that cover the land. A wildfire is considered a “major wildfire” after it exceeds 100 acres in size.
🔥 Containment – When reporting on a wildfire a percentage of containment will be given, which will state how much of the fireline has been completed.
🔥 Backfire – A fire intentionally set along the interior edge of a fireline by Forest Fire Service staff to consume fuel in the path of a wildfire and/or to change the direction of force of a fire’s convection column.
🔥 Fireline – The part of a containment or control line that is scraped or dug to mineral soil.
🔥 Threatened – Critical infrastructure, roads, homes and commercial buildings that are in the vicinity of a wildfire.

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