Police Issue Warnings on Smash and Grab Robberies

LACEY: Public Service Announcement

The Lacey Township Police Department would like to remind residents that towns in our area are continuing to experience “Smash and Grab” type vehicle burglaries. These are happening at parks and business, where folks typically leave their valuables in plain sight in their vehicles for a short period of time. This is not specific to Lacey Township.
How can you prevent this from happening? We are glad you asked …

1) Secure your vehicles at all times by locking the doors.
2) Do not leave items in your vehicle that may be of interest to a criminal, or that would encourage the criminal to enter your vehicle.
3) If you have anything of value, consider securing it in the trunk of the vehicle, even if it to just run into a store.
4) Park in well lit areas, close to any buildings.
5) Report any suspicious activity. Report any break-ins to your vehicle.

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