Police Warn High School Students to Stop Engaging in “Senior Assassin”

HOLMDEL: The Police Department has been made aware that Holmdel High School seniors are engaging in a game called “Senior Assassin”. Students are assigned to “assassinate” another student, outside of school, by sneaking up on them and shooting them with a water gun. We have received calls in the past, where students have shown up at the homes of their “targets”, sometimes waiting hours for them to come outside, in an effort to accomplish this goal. This past weekend, patrol officers responded to a home after the resident called Police reporting two subjects were on their property, looking into the garage windows. It was determined the two subjects were playing the “Senior Assassin” game, and were at the wrong address.

To avoid a dangerous situation, the Holmdel Police are urging students to stop participating in this game immediately. Holmdel, like many other towns throughout the State, continues to be targeted by subjects who are looking to steal high end motor vehicles. Due to the heightened awareness of residents in response to these incidents, there exists a potential for dangerous situations to occur if this game continues to be played. While we know this game was intended to be harmless, and a rite of passage for senior students, the current climate warrants reconsideration. Please be safe.


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