83 Cats Removed from Brick Residence Overnight

BRICK: Overnight a resident off Mantoloking Road called police to turn over their cats. 83 cats and 3 dogs have been removed from the residence. Numerous cats from newborn kittens, weeks old kittens, and older cats were all removed from the residence. Sources tell JCEN that cats were found in the drawers of dressers. Hazmat crews were dispatched to the assess the situation before first responders went inside. All of the cats appear to be in good health, and have been dispersed to local shelters where they will eventually be placed for adoption. As of this morning no charges have been pressed.

Berkeley Hazmat released the following statement.

At the request of the Brick Township Police Department station 85 responded to a residence in town to provide air quality monitoring for animal control while they removed approximately 100 cats overnight.

Brick Police released the following statement.

On Thursday evening, May 4th 2023, the Brick Township Police Department received a call from a resident on Mantoloking Rd. requesting police assistance for an excessive number of cats inside the residence. Due to the nature of the incident when police arrived on scene, they requested assistance from Berkeley Hazmat as well as Brick Township Fire District #1. Once conditions were determined to be safe, authorities began removing the animals, which included 83 cats and three dogs. There were no deceased animals located on scene. At this time, the investigation is still ongoing.


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