Emergency Personnel Responding to Meteor That Hit NJ Home

HOPEWELL: Emergency personnel are responding to a residence in Hopewell for a meteor that struck a house. The bang was reportedly heard across the state.

The following information was released by the police department. Old Washington Crossing & Pennington Rd. A metallic object believed to be a meteorite struck the roof a residence located on Old Washington Crossing Pennington Rd. The ranch style home was occupied at the time but there were no injuries reported. The object, which is described as approximately 4″ x6″ is oblong in shape and appears metallic. It penetrated the roof, the ceiling and then impacted the hardwood floor before coming to a rest.

HTPD has contacted several other agencies for assistance in positively identifying the object and safeguarding the residents and the object.

This may be related to a current Meteor shower called the Eta Aquariids. The investigation is on-going.


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